Weighted Sobolev spaces and embedding theorems

  title={Weighted Sobolev spaces and embedding theorems},
  author={Vladimir Gol'dshtein and A. Ukhlov},
  journal={Transactions of the American Mathematical Society},
In the present paper we study embedding operators for weighted Sobolev spaces whose weights satisfy the well-known Muckenhoupt A p -condition. Sufficient conditions for boundedness and compactness of the embedding operators are obtained for smooth domains and domains with boundary singularities. The proposed method is based on the concept of 'generalized' quasiconformal homeomorphisms (homeomorphisms with bounded mean distortion). The choice of the homeomorphism type depends on the choice of… 

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Embedding theorem for weighted Sobolev classes with weights that are functions of the distance to some h-set

The paper continues the first part (Russ. J. Math. Phys. 20 (3), 360–373). Let Ω be a John domain, let Γ ⊂ ∂Ω be an h-set, and let g and υ be weights on Ω that are distance functions to the set Γ of


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Let Ω be an open set in R and 1 < p < ∞ . In this paper we consider the theory of weighted Sobolev spaces H with weight function in Muckenhoupt’s Ap -class. Our main purpose is to provide a coherent

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We propose here a new method for the investigation of embedding operators. It is based on an exact description of classes of homeomorphisms that induce change of variables operators on the Sobolev

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Introduction. 1: Weighted Sobolev spaces. 2: Capacity. 3: Supersolutions and the obstacle problem. 4: Refined Sobolev spaces. 5: Variational integrals. 6: A-harmonic functions. 7: A superharmonic

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Introduction Motivation Weight Domain Hardy Inequality Part One: POWER-TYPE WEIGHTS: Some Elementary Assertions Density of Smooth Functions Imbedding Theorems Miscellaneous Part Two: GENERAL WEIGHTS:

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1. Preliminary Information about Integration Theory.- 1. Notation and Terminology.- 1.1. Sets in Rn.- 1.2. Classes of Functions in Rn.- 2. Some Auxiliary Information about Sets and Functions in Rn.-

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Continuous and compact imbeddings of weighted sobolev spaces، للحصول على النص الكامل يرجى زيارة مكتبة الحسين بن طلال في جامعة اليرموك او زيارة موقعها الالكتروني

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New classes of non-smooth bounded domains D, for which the embedding operator from H^1(D) into L^2 (D) is compact are introduced, and applications to scattering by rough obstacles are mentioned.

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