Weighted Inequalities for Bochner-riesz Means in the Plane

  title={Weighted Inequalities for Bochner-riesz Means in the Plane},
  author={Andreas Seeger},
for some fixed large N0; we shall call such weights admissible. Rubio de Francia [11] showed that for every w ∈ L(R) there is a nonnegative W ∈ L(R) such that ‖W‖2 ≤ Cλ‖w‖2, Cλ <∞ if λ > 0, and the analogous weighted norm inequality for S t holds uniformly in t. He used methods related to factorization theory of operators and the proof gave no information on how to construct w from W . In [3] the first author explicitly constructed for every q ≥ 2 an operator Wq,λ, bounded on L(R), such that (1… CONTINUE READING

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