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Weighing the Listener's Interest: Justice Blackmun's Commercial Speech and Public Forum Opinions

  title={Weighing the Listener's Interest: Justice Blackmun's Commercial Speech and Public Forum Opinions},
  author={William S. Dodge},
  journal={Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly},
Justice Blackmun's commercial speech and public forum opinions reflect a distinctive balancing approach that takes seriously the listener's interests in receiving information and, sometimes, in not receiving information. The Justice consistently advocated this listener-oriented balancing approach throughout his tenure on the Supreme Court, and, contrary to the conventional wisdom, this approach proved to be substantially more protective of free speech than the more categorical approaches the… Expand


The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules
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Moreover, candidate debates on public television are not public forums. Arkansas Educ. Television Comm'n v. Forbes, 118 S
  • Ct
  • 1998
concurring in part and concurring in the judgment)
  • 1996
The SAF is a forum more in a metaphysical than in a spatial or geographic sense, but the same principles are applicable
  • 1995
Madsen v. Women's Health Ctr
  • S. Ct
  • 1994
44 Liquormart, 517 U.S. 484
  • 1993
given the lateness with which the modern air terminal has made its appearance, it hardly qualifies for the description of having 'immemorially
  • 1992
concurring in part and dissenting in part); see also Simon & Schuster, Inc. v. Members of N.Y. State Crime Victims Bd
  • 1991
Funds to support student activities are "metaphysical" public forums, see Rosenberger v
  • 1990
at 774 (quoting Boos v
  • 1988