Weierstrass formula and zero-finding methods

  title={Weierstrass formula and zero-finding methods
  author={Milan Petkovi'c and Carsten Carstensen and Miroslav Trajkov'i c},
  journal={Numerische Mathematik},
Summary. Classical Weierstrass' formula [29] has been often the subject of investigation of many authors. In this paper we give some further applications of this formula for finding the zeros of polynomials and analytic functions. We are concerned with the problems of localization of polynomial zeros and the construction of iterative methods for the simultaneous approximation and inclusion of these zeros. Conditions for the safe convergence of Weierstrass' method, depending only on initial… 

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We consider one of the crucial problems in solving polynomial equations concerning the construction of such initial conditions which provide a safe convergence of simultaneous zero-finding methods.

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Whenever the approxIMations are sufficiently well separated and sufficiently close to the zeros of this polynomial, the radii of these circular regions are shown to overestimate the errors by at most a modest factor simply related to the configuration of the approximations.

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Basic concepts.- Iterative methods without derivatives.- Generalized root iterations.- Bell's polynomials and parallel disk iterations.- Computational efficiency of simultaneous methods.