Weierstrass and Approximation Theory

  title={Weierstrass and Approximation Theory},
  author={Allan Pinkus},
  journal={Journal of Approximation Theory},
  • A. Pinkus
  • Published 1 November 2000
  • Education
  • Journal of Approximation Theory
We discuss and examine Weierstrass’ main contributions to approximation theory. §1. Weierstrass This is a story about Karl Wilhelm Theodor Weierstrass (Weierstras), what he contributed to approximation theory (and why), and some of the consequences thereof. We start this story by relating a little about the man and his life. Karl Wilhelm Theodor Weierstrass was born on October 31, 1815 at Ostenfelde near Munster into a liberal (in the political sense) Catholic family. He was the eldest of four… 


Some remarks on the development of ideas leading to the Weierstrass approximation theorem are given. They are meant as comments on the Pinkus article [Pi] only. Hence the references containing

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A basic theme in representation theory is to approximate various functions on a space by simpler ones. Some well known examples are the approximation of functions on the interval [0, 1] by

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A survey on the Weierstrass approximation theorem. * Un estudio sobre el teorema de aproximación de Weierstrass. Abstract The celebrated and famous Weierstrass approximation theorem characterizes the

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The celebrated and famous Weierstrass approximation theorem characterizes the set of continuous functions on a compact interval via uniform approximation by algebraic polynomials. This theorem is the



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The amount of biographical details and of mathematics that the writer has compressed into a volume of 650 pages is extraordinary ; but he is never dull ; his style is lively, at times even 'snappy' ; he carries the reader along ; he whets the appetite.

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Einfuhrung in Theorie und Anwendungen der Laplace-Transformation. By G. D oetsch . Pp. 301. Fr./D.M. 39.40. 1958. (Birkhauser, Basel und Stuttgart) This is an account of those properties of the

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I: Approximation by Series Expansions and by Interpolation.- I. Representation of complex functions by orthogonal series and Faber series.- 1. The Hilbert space L2(G).- A. Definition of L2(G).- B.

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Introduction: 1 Examples and prospectus 2 Metric spaces 3 Normed linear spaces 4 Inner-product spaces 5 Convexity 6 Existence and unicity of best approximations 7 Convex functions The Tchebycheff

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In this note we give an elementary proof of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem. The proof depends only on the definitions of compactness ("each open cover has a finite subcover") and continuity ("the

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