Weed-DATA Base de données ‘Traits’ des plantes adventices des agroécosystèmes

  title={Weed-DATA Base de donn{\'e}es ‘Traits’ des plantes adventices des agro{\'e}cosyst{\`e}mes},
  author={Sabrina Gaba and Luc Biju-Duval and Florence Strbik and Etienne Gaujour and François Bretagnolle and Arnaud Coffin and St{\'e}phane Cordeau and Fabrice Dessaint and Guillaume Fried and Benjamin Gard and Antoine Gardarin and St{\'e}phanie Gibot-Leclerc and Jean-Philippe Guillemin and Annick Mat{\'e}jicek and Delphine Moreau and Gilles Louviot and R{\'e}mi Perronne and Xavier Reboud},

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