Wechsler Digit Span subtest: diagnostic usefulness with dyslexic children.

  title={Wechsler Digit Span subtest: diagnostic usefulness with dyslexic children.},
  author={C S Spafford},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={69 1},
The current study supports Levinson's contention (1988) that the diagnosis of dyslexia cannot be based solely on neurophysiological evidence but must be made in conjunction with reading and educational test scores. Contrary to much current research, in the present study specific WISC-R profiles are identified within a stringently defined subgroup of 57 9- to 12-yr-old dyslexic children. Well-defined subtest scatter can differentiate dyslexics from proficient readers. In particular, the Digit… CONTINUE READING

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