Webformulate: a web-based visual continual query system


Today there is a plethora of data accessible via the Internet. The Web has greatly simplified the process of searching for, accessing, and sharing information. However, a considerable amount of Internet-distributed data still goes unnoticed and unutilized, particularly in the case of frequently-updated, Internet-distributed databases. In this paper we give an overview of <i>WebFormulate</i>, a Web-based visual continual query system that addresses the problems associated with formulating temporal ad hoc analyses over networks of heterogeneous, frequently-updated data sources. The main distinction between this system and existing Internet facilities to retrieve information and assimilate it into computations is that <i>WebFormulate</i> provides the necessary facilities to perform continual queries, developing and maintaining dynamic links such that Web-based computations and reports automatically maintain themselves. A further distinction is that this system is specifically designed for users of spreadsheet-level ability, rather than professional programmers.

DOI: 10.1145/511446.511476
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