WebODE: An Integrated Workbench for Ontology Representation, Reasoning, and Exchange

  title={WebODE: An Integrated Workbench for Ontology Representation, Reasoning, and Exchange},
  author={{\'O}scar Corcho and M. Fern{\'a}ndez-L{\'o}pez and Asunci{\'o}n G{\'o}mez-P{\'e}rez and {\'O}. Vicente},
  • Óscar Corcho, M. Fernández-López, +1 author Ó. Vicente
  • Published in EKAW 2002
  • Computer Science
  • We present WebODE as a scalable, integrated workbench for ontological engineering that eases the modelling of ontologies, the reasoning with ontologies and the exchange of ontologies with other ontology tools and ontology-based applications. We will first describe the WebODE's knowledge model. We will then describe its extensible architecture, focusing on the set of independent ontology development functionalities that are integrated in this framework, such as the Ontology Editor, the Axiom… CONTINUE READING
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