Web mining for web personalization


Web personalization is the process of customizing a Web site to the needs of specific users, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired from the analysis of the user's navigational behavior (usage data) in correlation with other information collected in the Web context, namely, structure, content, and user profile data. Due to the explosive growth of the Web, the domain of Web personalization has gained great momentum both in the research and commercial areas. In this article we present a survey of the use of Web mining for Web personalization. More specifically, we introduce the modules that comprise a Web personalization system, emphasizing the Web usage mining module. A review of the most common methods that are used as well as technical issues that occur is given, along with a brief overview of the most popular tools and applications available from software vendors. Moreover, the most important research initiatives in the Web usage mining and personalization areas are presented.

DOI: 10.1145/643477.643478

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