Web-based adaptive self-assessment in Higher Education


This paper presents an introduction to student assessment used with the aim to support and improve learning. It presents computer-based assessment, adaptive assessment and Web-based assessment methodologies. The development of new digital technologies facilitated the implementation of many Web-based assessment tools. Of primary concern is Webbased self-assessment that allows students to practice and measure their competence level. It has been widely used in open and distance education, but it can also improve learning in traditional class. Adaptive features are usually included to Webbased self-assessment tools, in order to adjust assessment process to individual needs. The use of post-test feedback can facilitate learning self-management and improve student performance. W-PARES is a Web-based platform for automated adaptive student assessment that has been successfully used by Greek students in Higher Education. The paper briefly presents the architectural design and the four subsystems of W-PARES, each of which is an independent Web application.

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