Web Technologies

  title={Web Technologies},
  author={Jos{\'e} Hiram Soltren},
  booktitle={Encyclopedia of GIS},
In this thesis, we present a novel approach to database security which looks at queries instead of the database tables themselves. In doing so, we use a number of Semantic Web technologies to define rules, translate queries, and make assertions about compliance with existing policies. We can ascertain compliance without looking at the contents of the database. Our system can function as a drop-in addition to an existing database system, adding additional functionality in a robust manner. The… Expand
The trouble with (supply-side) counts: the potential and limitations of counting sites, vendors or products as a metric for threat trends on the Dark Web
ABSTRACT Many national security threats now originate on the Dark Web. As a result of the anonymity of these networks, researchers and policymakers often use supply-side data (i.e. the number ofExpand
Navy Community of Practice for Programmers and Developers
Abstract : The Navy must employ the talented programmers and developers required to build and maintain its software systems. The establishment of a Navy community of practice (CoP) for programmersExpand
Appling the Concepts of Panorama in Virtual Reality Using the Map Principle on a Library Website
An Image associated with a hyperlink leads to a one hypermedia exception of one image that is a map; it leads to more than one link. So this principle of a map is used as an idea to form a virtualExpand
Optimization Research And Application Of Enterprise Website Based On Web Service
It is proved that the website optimization methods is excellent, and the comparative analysis of website access performance before and after optimization is given. Expand


Using Semantic Web Technologies for Policy Management on the Web
Rein, a policy framework grounded in Semantic Web technologies, is proposed, which leverages the distributed nature and linkability of the Web to provide Web-based policy management and provides an engine for reasoning over these descriptions, both of which can be used to develop domain and policy language specific security systems. Expand
Detecting anomalous access patterns in relational databases
This paper proposes an ID mechanism based on mining SQL queries stored in database audit log files that is able to determine role intruders, that is, individuals while holding a specific role, behave differently than expected. Expand
Design and Application of Rule Based Access Control Policies
Access control is an important issue among the security problems of resources in distributed systems. In order to enable entities in distributed systems to understand and interpret policiesExpand
Discretionary Access Control In Object-Oriented Databases: Issues And Research Directions
In recent years we have witnessed considerable eeorts in the research and development of object-oriented database management systems. As object-oriented database technology matures, the availabilityExpand
Role-Based Access Control Features in Commercial Database Management Systems
This paper analyzes and compares role-based access control (RBAC) features supported in the most recent versions of three popular commercial database management systems and concludes that these products provide a sound basis for implementing the basic features of RBAC, although there are signi cant di erences. Expand
Misuse detection for information retrieval systems
This work proposes four different methods to detect misuse in information retrieval systems based on building and maintaining a profile of the behavior of the system user through tracking, or monitoring of user activity within the information retrieval system. Expand
DEMIDS: A Misuse Detection System for Database Systems
This work states that existing security models are insufficient to prevent misuse, especially insider abuse by legitimate users, and concepts for misuse detection in DBS have not been adequately addressed. Expand
Framework for policy aware reuse of content on the WWW
This thesis focuses on methods for detecting and preventing license violations, in a step towards policy aware content reuse on the Web, and implemented the “Attribution License Violations Validator” for Flickr images and the more generic “Semantic Clipboard”. Expand
Perspectives …
  • J. Dalen
  • Medicine
  • International nursing review
  • 1968
How to create one perspective through tiki-edit_perspective.php and find the preference corresponding to the perspective that you have created. Expand
The Semantic Web
The proposed approach has been implemented in the system CRION (Contrastive Reasoning with Inconsistent ONtologies) as a reasoning plug-in in the LarKC (Large Knowledge Collider) platform and shows that contrastive reasoning is a useful extension to the existing approaches of reasoning with inconsistent ontologies. Expand