Web-Protege: A Lightweight OWL Ontology Editor for the Web


In this paper, we present Web-Protégé—a web-based lightweight ontology editor. Web-Protégé is open source, uses the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for the user interface, and Protégé for supporting ontology services. We used components of Collaborative Protégé to augment the ontology-editing environment with facilities for discussions and annotations. In this paper, we describe both the server and the client components of the system. We built the user interface using the portal metaphor, which allows easy customization of the user interface for individual users. The plug-in architecture allows easy extension of the user interface with custom components. The server component is implemented in Java and provides methods for accessing the ontology content and manages the changes the users make in different clients. A demo version is available at http://bmir-protege-dev1.stanford.edu/webprotege/.

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