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Web Content Mining With Java: Techniques for Exploiting the World Wide Web

  title={Web Content Mining With Java: Techniques for Exploiting the World Wide Web},
  author={T. Loton},
Preface. About the Author. Acknowlegements. Surveying the Scene Language of the Web HTML and XML Parsing Data Filters and Structured Queries Building a Portal with Java Building a Search Engine with Java Mail Mining with Java Introduction to Text Mining Introduction of Data Mining Loose Ends and Looking Ahead Appendix A: Software Installation and Configuration Appendix B: Javadoc Extracts Appendix C: Earlier Versions of JAXP Appendix D: License and Copyright Statements Appendix E: Census… Expand
Design and Implementation of A Web Mining Research Support System A Proposal Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Notre Dame in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by
by Jin Xu The evolution of the World Wide Web has brought us enormous and ever growing amounts of data and information. With the abundant data provided by the web, it has become an important resourceExpand
Mining E-Mail Content for a Small Enterprise
Emails constitute a rich source of a company’s information, replacing fax, letters, phone and memos as the dominant form of inter- and intra-business communication. An email system is now a placeExpand
Storage of a Portal-Extracted Data in a Relational Database
  • E. Udoh, J. Hoover
  • Computer Science
  • Third International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG'06)
  • 2006
The framework used to store a portal-extracted share price data into a relational database is described, showing the utility of online generated data which are sources of new data that can be further harnessed to strengthen analysis. Expand
Assessing information quality of e-learning systems: a web mining approach
An assessment model for information quality in e-learning systems based on the quality framework, which consists of 14 quality dimensions grouped in three quality factors: intrinsic, contextual representation and accessibility, is proposed. Expand
Automated Ranking of E-commerce Product Offers Based on a TQM Approach A Case Study in the Computer Networking E-commerce Products
SMEs present many particularities which influence to a large extend their functionality and performance. A very deep investigation of more than 60 SMEs has revealed what are the major variablesExpand