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Web-Based Online Embedded Door Access Control and Home Security System Based on Face Recognition

  title={Web-Based Online Embedded Door Access Control and Home Security System Based on Face Recognition},
  author={M. Varasundar and Ramavath Balu},
  journal={International Journal of Research},
Smart home security control system has becameindispensable in daily life. The design and development of a home security system, based on human face recognition technology and remotely monitoring technology, to confirm visitor identity and to control door accessibility has been reported in this paper. This paper describes about the implementation and deployment of wireless control system and accessibility in to a home environment for authenticated people only. A wireless network technique Wifi… 

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The experimental results have shown that the developed system has achieved good performance of face recognition rate of 80% at the distance of camera and subject between 40 cm to 60 cm and the subject's orientation head angle must be within the range of-20 to +20 degrees.

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Experimental results show that real time performance can be achieved without significant loss in recognition accuracy, and a semi-automatic scheme for face detection and eye location is proposed to solve these computationally hard problems.

Research and implementation of embedded face recognition system based on ARM9

  • Shimin WangJihua Ye
  • Computer Science
    2010 International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering
  • 2010
The embedded face recognition system is based on MagicARM2410 development board, including transplantation of Linux operating system, the development of drivers, detecting face by using face class Haar feature, and then recognizing face byUsing Gabor features and PCA transform algorithm.

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  • Mo GuanMinghai Gu
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In this paper, the embedded web server, which take Samsung corporation's ARM9-S3C2440AL processor as core, is designed, it's operating system is Linux, the system hardware architecture is presented.

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