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Web Application Security of Money Transfer Systems 1

  title={Web Application Security of Money Transfer Systems 1},
  author={Alaa Al-Hamami and Fadi A. O. Najadat and Mohammed Saad Abdul Wahhab},
Information security science started to play a vital role in our life and became an important issue used for judging on any system about either its success or failure. E-banking applications for transferring money are considered as one of the most important applications that banks nowadays are taking care about; maintaining its process validity and accuracy as a necessity for the health of the transferring process to transfer the correct amount into the right receiver. E-money transferring… 



In-the-wire authentication: Protecting client-side critical data fields in secure network transactions

  • Mark Currie
  • Computer Science
    2009 2nd International Conference on Adaptive Science & Technology (ICAST)
  • 2009
A method is presented here allowing web users to share small amounts of secret information including passwords and account numbers with a large number of existing Internet services by creating a cryptographically secure trusted path between the web user and the service.

Web application security assessment tools

The different technology types for analyzing Web applications and Web services for security vulnerabilities, along with each type's advantages and disadvantages are described.

Analysis of new threats to online banking authentication schemes

It is shown how current online banking and payment methods are highly insecure and a mobile phone OTP scheme with a new method for the challenge generation is proposed.

Web Application Security Fortifying Applications against Xpath Injection Attacks

This paper proposes an approach that prevents a specific kind of code injection attacks known as xpath injection in a novel way, and uses location‐specific identifiers to validate the executable xpath code.

Web Application Security

  • Mandy Andress
  • Computer Science
    Information Security Management Handbook, 6th ed.
  • 2007
This paper shows exactly why input validation is required for Web bugs, and gives some tools to ease the effort to fix them.

Web-Application Security: From Reactive to Proactive

Here's a sobering thought for all managers responsible for Web applications: Without proactive consideration for an application's security, attackers can bypass nearly all lower-layer security

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Trends for July 04-December 04

A retainer-torus-seal ring combination for a face-type seal has a toric member constructed with a noncircular cross section for producing (1) a rapid increase in face load with initial inward axial

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The worldwide clamour for truth and justice, for human rights for all, has never been louder. But so is the cry of those subjected to the ever-growing range of abuses

Software Security Design and Testing”, real projects

  • in Nokia Networks Ltd,
  • 2001