Weathering of the hairless scalp: a study using skin capacitance imaging and ultraviolet light‐enhanced visualization

  title={Weathering of the hairless scalp: a study using skin capacitance imaging and ultraviolet light‐enhanced visualization},
  author={E. Xhauflaire-Uhoda and C. Pi{\'e}rard‐franchimont and G. Pi{\'e}rard and P. Quatresooz},
  journal={Clinical and Experimental Dermatology},
The balding scalp is particularly exposed to sunlight, hence, the overall ageing process modulated by ultraviolet and near‐infrared light may be increased at this location. The induced changes are better revealed under ultraviolet light examination. Any alteration in the epidermal maturation is potentially reflected by stratum corneum changes observed as disturbances on skin‐capacitance imaging. 
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