Weaseling away the indispensability argument

  title={Weaseling away the indispensability argument},
  author={Joseph Melia},
According to the indispensability argument, the fact that we quantify over numbers, sets and functions in our best scientific theories gives us reason for believing that such objects exist. I examine a strategy to dispense with such quantification by simply replacing any given platonistic theory by the set of sentences in the nominalist vocabulary it logically entails. I argue that, as a strategy, this response fails: for there is no guarantee that the nominalist content of the platonistic… Expand
Is the Indispensability Argument Dispensable
When the indispensability argument for mathematical entities (IA) is spelled out, it would appear confirmational holism is needed for the argument to work. It has been argued that confirmationalExpand
What Can Our Best Scientific Theories Tell Us About The Modal Status of Mathematical Objects?
Indispensability arguments are used as a way of working out what there is: our best science tells us what things there are. Some philosophers think that indispensability arguments can be used to showExpand
It is shown how to formulate the position precisely without making any reference to mathematical objects or possible worlds, and two new operators are added that allow us to shift the locus of evaluation for a subformula. Expand
Living in Harmony: Nominalism and the Explanationist Argument for Realism
According to the indispensability argument, scientific realists ought to believe in the existence of mathematical entities, due to their indispensable role in theorising. Arguably the crucial senseExpand
Response to Colyvan
In 'Weaseling Away the Indispensability Argument' (Melia 2000) I argued that although quantification over mathematical objects may indeed be indispensable to our scientific theories, it is not alwaysExpand
How Not to Enhance the Indispensability Argument
The new explanatory or enhanced indispensability argument alleges that our mathematical beliefs are justified by their indispensable appearances in scientific explanations. This argument differs fromExpand
Indispensability Arguments and Mathematical Explanation in Science
The aim of this thesis is to find a way to undermine the indispensability argument for mathematical platonism by rejecting the first reading and arguing that a second reading, which involves an instance of IBE, is the most plausible. Expand
Scientific Realism and the Indispensability Argument for Mathematical Realism: A Marriage Made in Hell
An emphasis on explanatory contribution is central to a recent formulation of the indispensability argument (IA) for mathematical realism. Because scientific realism is argued for by means ofExpand
Indispensability and Holism
It is claimed that the indispensability argument for the existence of mathematical entities (IA) works in a way that allows a proponent of mathematical realism to remain agnostic with regard to howExpand
Van Inwagen and the Quine-Putnam indispensability argument
In this paper I do two things: (1) I support the claim that there is still some confusion about just what the Quine-Putnam indispensability argument is and the way it employs Quinean meta-ontologyExpand


Field’s programme: some interference
The Quine/Putnam Indispensability Argument says that, since our best scientific theories unavoidably quantify over abstract objects, and since we have good reasons for believing our best scientificExpand
Science Without Numbers: A Defence of Nominalism.
The description for this book, Science Without Numbers: The Defence of Nominalism, will be forthcoming.
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