Wearable haptic device for cutaneous force and slip speed display

  title={Wearable haptic device for cutaneous force and slip speed display},
  author={Dana D. Damian and Marvin Ludersdorfer and Yeongmi Kim and Alejandro Hern{\'a}ndez Arieta and Rolf Pfeifer and Allison M. Okamura},
  journal={2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation},
Stable grasp is the result of sensorimotor regulation of forces, ensuring sufficient grip force and the integrity of the held object. Grasping with a prosthesis introduces the challenge of finding the appropriate forces given the engineered sensorimotor prosthetic interface. Excessive force leads to unnecessary energy use and possible damage to the object. In contrast, low grip forces lead to slippage. In order for a prosthetic hand to achieve a stable grasp, the haptic information provided to… CONTINUE READING
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