Wearable Circuits Sintered at Room Temperature Directly on The Skin Surface for Health Monitoring.

  title={Wearable Circuits Sintered at Room Temperature Directly on The Skin Surface for Health Monitoring.},
  author={Ling Zhang and Hongjun Ji and Houbing Huang and Ning Yi and Xiaoming Shi and Senpei Xie and Yaoyin Li and Ziheng Ye and Pengdong Feng and Tiesong Lin and Xiangli Liu and Xue-song Leng and Mingyu Li and Jiaheng Zhang and Xing Ma and Peng He and Weiwei Zhao and Huanyu Cheng},
  journal={ACS applied materials \& interfaces},
A soft body area sensor network presents a promising direction in wearable devices to integrate on-body sensors for physiological signal monitoring and flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs) for signal conditioning/readout and wireless transmission. However, its realization currently relies on various sophisticated fabrication approaches such as lithography or direct printing on a carrier substrate before attaching to the body. Here we report a universal fabrication scheme to enable printing… 
High-Efficiency Large-Area Printed Multilayer Liquid Metal Wires for Stretchable Biomedical Sensors with Recyclability.
The experimental results reveal that the stretchable biomedical sensors have the potential to help patients to improve their life in healthcare, including replacement prosthetic devices, daily and sports activity tracking, continuous health monitoring, and others.
Laser-patterned multifunctional sensor array with graphene nanosheets as a smart biomonitoring fashion accessory
A multifunctional flexible wearable sensor fabricated using an ultra-thin percolative layer of microwave exfoliated graphene nanosheets on laser-patterned gold circular inter-digitated electrodes for monitoring vital human physiological parameters and marks a giant leap from the conventional banal devices to a highly marketable multifunctionals sensor array as a biomonitoring fashion accessory.
High-Performance Temperature Sensor by Employing Screen Printing Technology
A high-performance n-type temperature sensor was developed by a new and facile synthesis approach, which could apply to ambient temperature applications and is expected to conduct temperature monitoring in different scenarios through a sensor prepared in masks and mechanical hands, laying a foundation for the large-scale manufacturing and widespread application of flexible electronic skin and devices.
Recent advancements in flexible and wearable sensors for biomedical and healthcare applications
With the increasing awareness of personal health management in recent decades, various types of flexible and wearable body sensors have been developed. Thanks to the superiority of advanced wearable
Design of Flexible Pressure Sensor Based on Conical Microstructure PDMS-Bilayer Graphene
A relatively high flexible pressure sensor based on piezoresistivity is presented by combining the conical microstructure polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) with bilayer graphene together and can sense the motion of joint well when the index finger is bent.
Standalone real-time health monitoring patch based on a stretchable organic optoelectronic system
A standalone organic SHP that provides real-time heart rate information is reported, providing a rational strategy for high-resolution stretchable displays, enabling the production of ideal platforms for next-generation wearable health care electronics.
Conformal manufacturing of soft deformable sensors on the curved surface
Health monitoring of structures and people requires the integration of sensors and devices on various 3D curvilinear, hierarchically structured, and even dynamically changing surfaces. Therefore, it
Design of the Magnetic Stamp Film for Electromagnetic-Assisted Transfer Printing
As a critical step to integrate micro-nano electronic components on the soft substrate, transfer printing allows the facile fabrication of flexible electronics. The key to a successful transfer


A wireless body area sensor network based on stretchable passive tags
A bodyNET composed of chip-free and battery-free stretchable on-skin sensor tags that are wirelessly linked to flexible readout circuits attached to textiles that can continuously analyse a person’s pulse, breathing and body movement is reported.
Fabric-Based Wearable Dry Electrodes for Body Surface Biopotential Recording
A flexible and conformable dry electrode design on nonwoven fabrics is examined as a sensing platform for biopotential measurements. Due to limitations of commercial wet electrodes (e.g., shelf life,
Printing Flexible and Hybrid Electronics for Human Skin and Eye‐Interfaced Health Monitoring Systems
A set of advanced and hybrid printing techniques is summarized, covering diverse aspects ranging from active electronic materials to process capability, for their use in human skin and eye-interfaced health monitoring systems with different levels of complexity.
Ultra-conformal drawn-on-skin electronics for multifunctional motion artifact-free sensing and point-of-care treatment
This work presents ultra-conformal, customizable, and deformable drawn-on-skin electronics, which is robust to motion due to strong adhesion and ultra- Conformality of the electronic inks drawn directly on skin.
Efficient Skin Temperature Sensor and Stable Gel‐Less Sticky ECG Sensor for a Wearable Flexible Healthcare Patch
The effect of film thickness for skin temperature measurements, adhesive force, and reliability of gel-less ECG sensors as well as an integrated real-time demonstration is reported.
Flexible Implantable Microtemperature Sensor Fabricated on Polymer Capillary by Programmable UV Lithography With Multilayer Alignment for Biomedical Applications
In this paper, we present and develop a programmable UV lithography system with multilayer alignment for cylindrical substrates. By using this system various microstructures with different patterns
Battery-free, stretchable optoelectronic systems for wireless optical characterization of the skin
The work reported here introduces active optoelectronic systems that function without batteries and in an entirely wireless mode, with examples in thin, stretchable platforms designed for multiwavelength optical characterization of the skin.
Digital Fabrication and Integration of a Flexible Wireless Sensing Device
In this paper, we combine high functionality c-Si CMOS and digitally printed components and interconnects to create an mostly printed integrated electronic system on a flexible substrate that can
A stretchable strain sensor based on a metal nanoparticle thin film for human motion detection.
A new type of stretchable strain sensor that can detect both tensile and compressive strains and can be fabricated by a very simple process is proposed and shows highly sensitive and durable sensing performances in various tensile/compressive strains, long-term cyclic loading and relaxation tests.