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Wear Beahaviour of Nitrided Microstructures of AlSl H13 Dies for Hot Extrusion of Aluminium

  title={Wear Beahaviour of Nitrided Microstructures of AlSl H13 Dies for Hot Extrusion of Aluminium},
  author={Goran Kugler and Rado Turk and Tatjana Vecko-Pirtovsek and Milan Tercelj},
Influence of the geometry of aluminum profiles on the durability of dies used for their extrusion
In this work, the influence of the geometry of dies for extrusion of aluminum profiles on the amount of extruded material and durability of dies was analyzed. The dies that were provided for study
An Experimental Study of Temperature Effect on Properties of Nitride Layers on X37CrMoV51 Tool Steel Used in Extrusion Aluminium Industry
It was found that annealing the nitrided samples leads to degradation of the nitride layer, accounting for the decrease of hardness, as well as the changes in nitrogen content in the white and diffusion layers.
Experimental investigation of hot-work tool steels performances under the creep-fatigue regime
In the present research, an innovative testing method, specifically developed to characterize the tool steels under creep-fatigue conditions, was carried out on a TQ1 (X36CrMoV5-2) hot-work tool
The influence of the time of technological soaking of nitrided EN-X37CrMoV5-1 tool steel at a higher temperature on the structure, microhardness, and tribological wear of the surface layer
The paper concerns the assessment of the influence of the duration of high-temperature soaking of steel intended for dies for extruding aluminium profiles on the structure, microhardness, and
The phenomenon of durability variable dies for aluminum extrusion profiles
Extrusion dies are usually regenerated several times (min 4 times). The phenomenon of extended life after each regenerative nitriding process has not been explained. In this work, the regeneration
Utility coatings on tools and machine parts for the non-ferrous metals industry
In the paper the review of literature and own investigations concerning the protective coatings deposited at tools and parts of equipment using in the non-ferrous metals industry have been presented.
Gas Nitriding of AISI H13 Steel Extrusion Dies: Consideration of Sharp Features in the Die Profiles
Abstract A uniform nitride layer development at various features of extrusion dies is an important factor in the service life of dies. The present study is performed to investigate the influence of
Ocena procesów zużycia matryc do wyciskania profili aluminiowych na podstawie badań SEM, rentgenowskiej analizy fazowej i chropowatości powierzchni
In this publication, the results of SEM observations, XRD phase analysis, and surface roughness are presented for the calibrators and core tracks of dies used to extrude aluminum profiles. Wear