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Weaponry in space : the dilemma of security

  title={Weaponry in space : the dilemma of security},
  author={Evgenii Pavlovich Velikhov and Roal'd. Z. Sagdeev and Andrei Afanas’evich Kokoshin and Alexander Repyev},
Missile technology control and the Third World: Are there alternatives?☆
An alternative global approach linking missile, strategic weapons, space weapons and the ‘peaceful and ‘non-peaceful’ uses of outer space is necessary. Expand
Space Weapons, Earth Wars
Abstract : Space weapons for terrestrial conflict have been the subject of intense debate twice in the modern history of space. The first time, at the beginning of the Cold War, was over theExpand
Pushing and pulling: The Western system, nuclear weapons and Soviet change
The security environment of the Soviet state during the Gorbachev period was distinctly different from earlier periods. The increased number of non-aggressive states in the Soviet Union'sExpand
Utilization of high-power microwave sources in electronic sabotage and terrorism
Different HPM threats are described and specific protective measures are outlined, and the potential exists for significant damage to security and other devices and circuits, and even injury to humans. Expand
The Soviet view of war and military‐technical progress: Implications for ICBMs
Abstract The developments in physics, space exploration, computer technology, and other sciences since the 1970s have had an important influence on Soviet military thought, an important part of whichExpand
Strategic stability: Scientific–technological, military, and political aspects
  • A. Kokoshin
  • Economics
  • Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 2015
Assurance of strategic stability remains a cornerstone of international security. It is a multidimensional and interdisciplinary problem, which requires taking into account scientific–technological,Expand
The Soviet image of future war: “Through the prism of the Persian Gulf”
Abstract According to Soviet military experts, the Gulf War was a “technological operation” and therefore a prototype of future war. As a result, the development of the Soviet Armed Forces will nowExpand
The paradox of state strength: transnational relations, domestic structures, and security policy in Russia and the Soviet Union
A transnational community of disarmament proponents achieved considerable success in influencing Soviet security policy in the 1980s on several issues, including two examined here: nuclear testingExpand
The Fundamental Issues Study within the British BMD Review
Abstract : My remit, as the member of the PFS team responsible for the Fundamental Issues Study, (FIS), has been to conduct a synoptic and independent assessment of the approach Britain should adoptExpand
A two-dimensional cylindrical axisymetrical model for laser-metal interaction is presented in this paper by taking into account the reflection of the laser beam at the surface of the target, theExpand