[Weaning of infants in the Turin district. An epidemiological survey].


A cross section study was performed on 1060 healthy children living in the Torino district to examine the modalities followed for weaning during infancy. Mothers were asked to fill in a questionnaire which contained questions concerning the family, allergic and metabolic diseases in relatives, type of food given to infants before, during and after weaning, and source of dietary counselling. A score was given for each answer. Data indicate generally correct trends though major fields of error concerns prevention of food allergy and coeliac disease. Scores were correlated with family type and area of origin of the family.

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@article{Savino1994WeaningOI, title={[Weaning of infants in the Turin district. An epidemiological survey].}, author={Francesco Savino and Paolo Manzoni and I Tonini and Manuel Dall'Aglio and Michael J Mostert and Roberto Oggero}, journal={Minerva pediatrica}, year={1994}, volume={46 6}, pages={285-93} }