Weakly Supervised Scene Parsing with Point-based Distance Metric Learning

  title={Weakly Supervised Scene Parsing with Point-based Distance Metric Learning},
  author={Rui Qian and Yunchao Wei and Honghui Shi and Jiachen Li and Jiaying Liu and Thomas S. Huang},
  • Rui Qian, Yunchao Wei, +3 authors Thomas S. Huang
  • Published in AAAI 2019
  • Computer Science
  • Semantic scene parsing is suffering from the fact that pixel-level annotations are hard to be collected. To tackle this issue, we propose a Point-based Distance Metric Learning (PDML) in this paper. PDML does not require dense annotated masks and only leverages several labeled points that are much easier to obtain to guide the training process. Concretely, we leverage semantic relationship among the annotated points by encouraging the feature representations of the intra- and inter-category… CONTINUE READING

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