Weak production of strange particles and η mesons off the nucleon

  title={Weak production of strange particles and $\eta$ mesons off the nucleon},
  author={M. Rafi Alam and I. Ruiz Simo and Luis Alvarez-Ruso and M. Sajjad Athar and Manuel Jos{\'e} Vicente Vacas},
The strange particle production induced by (anti)neutrino off nucleon has been studied for |ΔS| = 0 and |ΔS| = 1 channels. The reactions those we have considered are for the production of single kaon/antikaon, eta and associated particle production processes. We have developed a microscopical model based on the SU(3) chiral Lagrangian. The basic parameters of the model are fπ, the pion decay constant, Cabibbo angle, the proton and neutron magnetic moments and the axial vector coupling constants… 
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