Weak-magnetism phenomena in heavy-fermion superconductors: selected μSR studies

  title={Weak-magnetism phenomena in heavy-fermion superconductors: selected $\mu$SR studies},
  author={A Amato and M J Graf and A de Visser and H Amitsuka and D Andreica and A. Schenck},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
  pages={S4403 - S4420}
The behaviour of the so-called weak-moment antiferromagnetic states, observed in the heavy-fermion superconductors UPt3 and URu2Si2, is discussed in view of recent μSR results obtained as functions of control parameters such as chemical substitution and external pressure. In UPt3, the Pd substitution for Pt reveals the dynamical character of the weak-moment order. On the other hand, μSR measurements performed on samples in which Th substitutes U suggest that crystallographic disorder on the… 
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