Weak magnetism phenomena in heavy-fermion superconductors: selected µSR studies

  title={Weak magnetism phenomena in heavy-fermion superconductors: selected µSR studies},
  author={Alex Amato and Matthias J. Graf and Anne Marie de Visser and Hiroshi Amitsuka and Daniel Andreica and Alexander Schenck},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
The behaviour of the so-called weak-moment antiferromagnetic states, observed in the heavy-fermion superconductors UPt3 and URu2Si2, is discussed in view of recent ?SR results obtained as functions of control parameters such as chemical substitution and external pressure. In UPt3, the Pd substitution for Pt reveals the dynamical character of the weak-moment order. On the other hand, ?SR measurements performed on samples in which Th substitutes U suggest that crystallographic disorder on the… 

Suppression of hidden order in URu2Si2 under pressure and restoration in magnetic field

We describe here recent inelastic neutron scattering experiments on the heavy fermion compound URu2Si2 realized in order to clarify the nature of the hidden order (HO) phase which occurs below T0 =

Competition of ground states in URu2Si2 and UCoGe

In this thesis two heavy fermion compounds have been studied under pressure. URu2Si2 has a mysterious ground state below T0 = 17.5 K at ambient pressure. The order parameter has not been identified

Heavy-fermion behaviours in URu2Si2

We analyse the magnetic susceptibility χ and the specific heat C of the heavy-fermion material URu2Si2, assuming a variety of the crystal field level schemes. The heavy-fermion behaviours of χ and C

Magnetoelastic coupling in URu2Si2 : Probing multipolar correlations in the hidden order state

Time reversal symmetry and magnetoelastic correlations are probed by means of high-resolution volume dilatometry in URu2Si2 at cryogenic temperatures and magnetic fields more than enough to suppress

Hidden order and beyond: an experimental—theoretical overview of the multifaceted behavior of URu2Si2

This Topical Review describes the multitude of unconventional behaviors in the hidden order, heavy fermion, antiferromagnetic and superconducting phases of the intermetallic compound URu when tuned with pressure, magnetic field, and substitutions for all three elements and attempts to answer how does random substitutions of other elements affect and transform the HO.



Superconductivity and magnetic order in a strongly interacting fermi-system: URu2Si2

Measurements are reported on the electrical resistivity, susceptibility, dc-Meissner effect and specific heat of the tetragonal U-compound URu2Si2. AtTN≅17 K, an antiferromagnetic phase transition is

Unusual ground-state properties of UPd2Al3: Implications for the coexistence of heavy-fermion superconductivity and local-moment antiferromagnetism.

The results suggest a coexistence of two subsystems with more localized 5f statesresponsible for the magnetic properties and less localized states responsible for the superconducting properties, compatible with an order parameter of octagonal d-wave symmetry.

Antiferromagnetic order in UPt3 under pressure: Evidence for a direct coupling to superconductivity.

It is found that hydrostatic pressure suppresses and eventually destroys the antiferromagnetic order in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt 3.

Magnetism in heavy-fermion U(Pt,Pd)3 studied by ?SR

The observation of two signals for Bc, while there is only one muon localization site, points to the presence of two spatially distinct regions of different magnetic response.

Superconductivity in the presence of strong Pauli paramagnetism : CeCu2Si2

A comparison was made between four low-temperature properties of LaCu2Si2and CeCu2Si2. Whereas LaCu2Si2behaves like a normal metal, CeCu2Si2shows (i) low-temperature anomalies typical of “unstable 4f

Muon spin relaxation in heavy fermion systems

Heavy fermion systems have received a great deal of study by a wide variety of techniques, includingμSR. In a number of systems, coexisting superconducting and magnetic states have been reported,

The superconducting phases of UPt 3

The heavy-fermion compound UPt3 is the first compelling example of a superconductor with an order parameter of unconventional symmetry. To this day, it is the only unambiguous case of multiple