Weak adjectives need not be definite

  title={Weak adjectives need not be definite},
  author={Artūras Ratkus},
  journal={Indogermanische Forschungen},
  pages={27 - 64}
  • Artūras Ratkus
  • Published 2018
  • Philosophy
  • Indogermanische Forschungen
  • Abstract In Gothic and, more generally, early Germanic, adjectives can be declined for gender, number, case and determination. The latter category refers to a morphologically realised distinction (opposition) of indefiniteness and definiteness, traditionally presented in terms of the strong (indefinite) and weak (definite) types of inflection: cf. strong ubils‘evil’ vs. weak sa ubila‘the evil (one)’. The definite (weak) form of the adjective is conventionally said to be triggered by the… CONTINUE READING