Weak D type 2 is the most prevalent weak D type in Portugal.

  title={Weak D type 2 is the most prevalent weak D type in Portugal.},
  author={Fernando Ferreira Ara{\'u}jo and M Rodrigues and Filipa Monteiro and Teresa Chabert and Geovan Tavares and Gracinda Sousa and Jill R Storry and J-E Guimar{\~a}es},
  journal={Transfusion medicine},
  volume={16 1},
The weak D phenotype is the most common D variant, with a frequency of 0.2-1% in Caucasian individuals. There are several weak D types, with different frequencies in European countries, which may pose serologic problems and have the potential for alloimmunization. Samples from Portuguese individuals were tested for RhD by two or three distinct monoclonal and oligoclonal antisera, in direct agglutination tests. When discrepant results were observed, samples were tested with panels of monoclonal… CONTINUE READING