We aren't all winners: A discussion piece on 'failure to fail' from a service user and carer perspective

  title={We aren't all winners: A discussion piece on 'failure to fail' from a service user and carer perspective},
  author={L. Malihi-shoja and David Catherall and Jeanne Titherington and E. Mallen and G. Hough},
  journal={The Journal of practice teaching \& learning},
The paper will discuss from a service user/carer perspective the possible implications and ramifications that 'failing to fail' students has on service users and carers. We will start by briefly contextualising the issue drawing on the work of Rutkowski (2007), Dudek et al. (2005), Duffy (2003) and Cleland et al. (2008) and other authors who have contributed to the topic. We expand the debate from the service user and carer perspective examining likely causes and determinants and then move on… Expand
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Failure to fail: assessing nursing students' competence during practice placements.
  • Krzysztof Rutkowski
  • Medicine
  • Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 2007
A critical overview of the issues relating to the reluctance of registered nurses or mentors to fail students in their competencies is provided and possible causes for this at the practice level are identified. Expand