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We are too small to do that: challenges and opportunities of computer graphics education in small art departments


As more institutions of higher education search for ways of integrating the computer graphics technology into their existing art programs, smaller art departments in particular have found many challenges and obstacles. From curriculum design and pedagogical concerns to finding necessary resources and promoting the program, implementing computer graphics programs requires painstaking endeavors. While many issues of program developments are universally applied to any sized art programs, smaller departments more often face stiffer challenges from limited financial resources to the lack of qualified faculty to inadequate facilities. In order to overcome such obstacles, small art departments are required to assess the needs clearly and utilize the available resources more carefully than larger programs. This panel addresses the unique academic environments and approaches for developing computer graphics programs in small art departments. It also invites an open dialogue of educators on the issues and concerns of implementing computer graphics technology in small visual art programs.

DOI: 10.1145/1187358.1187380

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