We are all ORTHOPEDIC, not “ortho-paed-ic” or straight-child-ish…from “παιδ?ον”/paedion (child)of Andry’s book for children!

  title={We are all ORTHOPEDIC, not “ortho-paed-ic” or straight-child-ish…from “$\pi$$\alpha$$\iota$$\delta$?$\omicron$$\nu$”/paedion (child)of Andry’s book for children!},
  author={N. Christodoulou},
  journal={MOJ Orthopedics \& Rheumatology},
There is a considerable difference between the spelling of the word «Orthopaedics» and «Orthopedics»; in fact, the first one, («Orthopaedics»), is incorrect and inaccurate; it has been widely used and copied as the correct spelling of the term to which one commonly recurs in order to refer to the profession or specialty of «Orthopedics»; the spelling with an «ae» derives from the French term «orthopédie» used in Andry’s book (written in 1741) providing instructions for the prevention of… Expand


Nicolas Andry et l'orthopédie.
N. Andry a etudie et reconnu l'importance des difformites de l'appareil locomoteur chez l'enfant, et a publie en 1741 son livre « L'orthopedie », qui a donne naissance a une nouvelle specialiteExpand
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Christodoulou N
  • We are all ORTHOPEDIC, not “ortho-paed-ic” or straight-child-ish... from “παιδίον”/paedion (=child) of Andry’s book for children!. J Orthopedics Rheumatol. 2017; 4(2): 4. J Orthopedics Rheumatol 4(2): 4
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