Wayward Youth

  title={Wayward Youth},
  author={Kai Jensen and August Aichhorn and Elizabeth Allen Bryant},
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combined to produce Searchlights on Delinquency, a volume of essays, in honour of Aichhorn's 70th birthday. The editor of that book, K. R. Eissler, has written a biographical sketch of Aichhorn especially for this edition. Aichhorn was first and foremost an intuitive worker of genius, and had made a reputation with his Vienna institution for delinquent boys, some years before he discovered psycho-analysis. But in this new science he found at last the rationale he needed for the methods of… 

The Hietzing Years

ABSTRACT In the field of psychoanalytic pedagogy of the late 1920s, Anna Freud and Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham were the pacesetters. They launched the Hietzing School during Vienna’s years of

Aichhorn Revisited

The turn of the century seems a fitting time to revisit Aichhorn's views, to assess his impact on colleagues, and to place his contribution in the perspective of current research and practices.

Speak, Memory, or Goodbye, Columbus

  • J. Masling
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality assessment
  • 2002
This article describes the vicissitudes in the career of a psychologist who entered graduate school almost immediately after the end of World War II at a time when the standards and definitions of


The origin of this book is outlined in the prologue: a tribute to Donald Meltzer based on a long series of supervisions which have been faithfully portrayed by three founder-members of the

The Juvenile Delinquent: Psychopathology or Self-Preservation?

Contemporary psychoanalytic ideas have been slow to migrate to child and adolescent treatment programs. Meanwhile, thousands of children in the United States whose legal offenses are rooted in

Medical deterrents.

  • S. Nordlicht
  • Psychology
    Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
  • 1986
r HE words "Thou Shalt Not Kill" have resounded over the centuries, but unfortunately, the words appear to have gone unheeded. Despite exhortations, interdictions and punishments, man has continued

Courage for the Discouraged: A Psychoeducational Approach to Troubled and Troubling Children.

In the three decades since the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders was formed, research about this population has exploded. Professionals working with these challenging children have

Desperation and Hope in the Analysis of a “Thrown-Away” Adolescent Boy

SUMMARY This paper presents a commentary on the analytic treatment of a depressed, highly agitated, and often rageful adolescent boy in residential care. Given the boy's ongoing experiences of

The function of the mental hygiene clinic with regard to juvenile conduct disorders

One of the functions of the Syracuse Psychopathic Hospital and Outpatient Clinic has been psychiatric study of juvenile conduct disorders. l~any children are referred by the juvenile court to the

A comparative study of the inmates of Detention Home and slum children with respect to neuroticism, environmental and certain biographical factors

This study aimed at investigating the association of delinquency with neuroticism and certain environmental and economical factors. One hundred and ninety-one delinquent boys and 184 delinquent girls