Wayfinding Signage for People with Color Blindness

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Mapping the Evolutions and Trends of Literature on Wayfinding in Indoor Environments
A bibliometric analysis of about forty years of research on indoors wayfinding to provide an overview of the research landscape shows that this field has initially been mainly focused on few themes but has later become more diversified to acknowledge the multi-dimensional characteristics of indoor wayfinding.


Theory of Colour Harmony and Its Application
The colour represents an essential element of visual and graphic communications. It plays an important role in the perception of visual design and it is significant for all participants in the
An Evaluation of Color Selections to Accommodate Map Users with Color-Vision Impairments
An experiment shows that maps can be designed to accommodate the approximately 4 percent of the population with red-green color-vision impairments and confirmed the interaction between vision group (normal, impaired) and rendition of the map (confusing, accommodating).
Color Order Systems
A Study of Color Planning Criteria Used by Noted Designers
This study was conducted to identify color planning criteria that noted designers reported using in textile, sig-nage, interior, and architecture projects. The national sample consisted of designers
Enhancing Interior Building Sign Readability for Older Adults: Lighting Color and Sign Color Contrast
Objective: The objective of this study was to examine the effects of two-dimensional color contrast and interior lighting color on the readability of interior signs for older adults. Research
Colour Harmony
The search for the rules of colour harmony has occupied the thoughts of some of the greatest artists and scientists. In this article, the main theories of colour harmony are considered and, in so
Color Design for the Color Vision Impaired
The most common forms of color vision impairment are discussed, Color Oracle, a new software tool that assists the designer in verifying color schemes is introduced, and Color Oracle filters maps and graphics in real-time and efficiently integrates with existing digital workflows.
Implementation of Color-blind Aid System
From various testing that are conducted, the system can best detect color samples with prec ision level of 90.67% on embedded device implementation and 95.33% on mobile device implementation.
What Do Color Vision Defectives Say About Everyday Tasks?
  • Judy M. Steward, B. Cole
  • Psychology
    Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry
  • 1989
Nearly 90% of dichromats and up to two-thirds of anomalous trichomats reported difficulties with everyday tasks that involve color, and many had been excluded from a chosen occupation.
A Review of Color Blindness for Microscopists: Guidelines and Tools for Accommodating and Coping with Color Vision Deficiency
  • D. Keene
  • Medicine
    Microscopy and Microanalysis
  • 2015
Using tools in FIJI and Adobe Photoshop, hues of magenta may be substituted for red in red-green images resulting in striking definition for both the color sighted and color impaired.