Waves of feminism in Turkey: Kemalist, Islamist and Kurdish women's movements in an era of globalization

  title={Waves of feminism in Turkey: Kemalist, Islamist and Kurdish women's movements in an era of globalization},
  author={Çağla Diner and Sule Toktas},
  journal={Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies},
  pages={41 - 57}
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For the peripheral modernisation projects, women have oftenly been the face of a rapidly modenising nation, shifting it from one civilisation to the other. The body of the women, its presentation and

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The Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), one of the most important secular socio-political movements of the Middle East, has addressed gender issues since its foundation in the late 1970s. However, the

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: The Republic of Turkey in 1923, is established on the foundations of secularism and modernity. The newly established state, which turned its face to the West by rejecting the legacy of the Ottoman



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