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Waves in anisotropic plasmas

  title={Waves in anisotropic plasmas},
  author={William Phelps Allis and Solomon J. Buchsbaum and A. Bers},
Mathematical aspects of the cold plasma model
A simple model for electromagnetic wave propagation through zerotemperature plasma is analyzed. Many of the complexities of the plasma state are present even under these idealized conditions, and a
Wave modes in a magnetoplasma with anisotropic perturbation pressure
The momentum balance equation and the balance equation for the pressure tensor of a collision-free one-species magnetoplasma are linearized and Fourier-transformed, together with Maxwell's curl
Leaky mode characteristics of plasma column waveguides
Symmetric and dipolar leaky mode characteristics of isotropic, homogeneous, and lossless open plasma column waveguides are investigated with several values of normalized plasma frequencies. The leaky
Wave propagation and dispersion characteristics for a nonreciprocal electrically gyrotropic medium
The general dispersion relation for a nonreciprocal electrically gyrotropic or a gyroelectric medium is derived in two distinct forms by using three different methods. One of them is a new method
Propagation of surface waves in two-plasma systems bounded by a metallic enclosure
This paper examines the possibility of propagating surface waves in cylindrical plasma–plasma structures enclosed by metal walls and submitted or not to a static magnetic field. We consider the
Characteristics of a waveguide filled with moving lossy warm plasma
L'(, E'Y ... )"=[ a}~y' j 6)' ~o"(' J( c. ) " , , 0 ., a H' E •. -"( ~ J CJ) p.O "5'1 ~ , (IX (lY 2. Development of Theory Conside,r a rectangular waveguide of dimensions a and b of perfectly
Dispersion relations, stored energy and group velocity for anisotropic electromagnetic media
The Hermitian and skew-Hermitian components of the susceptibility matrix of a general linear electromagnetic medium are represented as Hilbert transforms of each other. These so-called dispersion
Topological phases and bulk-edge correspondence of magnetized cold plasmas
It is demonstrated that edge modes exist not only on a plasma-vacuum interface but also on more general plasma-plasma interfaces, which broadens the possible applications of these exotic excitations in space and laboratory plasmas.
Semi-analytic model for the electromagnetic field of a current-driven antenna in a cold, magnetized plasma
In this semi-analytic study we develop a mathematical model for determining the electromagnetic field due to a current-driven antenna immersed in a cold, magnetized plasma, valid for frequencies