Wavelets for medical big data access improvement strategy over wireless network


Medical Big Data (MBD) is the most critical form of information. MBD over a colossal Wireless Network (WN) is a sophisticated area of concern. Every day WN is becoming more dense and complicated. The MBD can be saved to wireless network after applying suitable Wavelet Compression. The quality of MBD is the most important factor; which means efficient and reliable transmission. Wavelet Compression ensures the best image compression schemes such that the quality of data is not affected. MBD is in the form of medical reports, x-rays, CT scan image, audio video files. MBD over WN needs limited bandwidth utilization. Software Define Network (SDN) divides the network infrastructure into two planes. The Control Plane manages data flow and the Data Plane deals with the data. In-network coordinating cache via SDN support is a better way of network efficiency improvement. The cache size is very limited and can entertain only a limited number of requests. Our proposed system for MBD Cache (MBDC) is efficient to improvement the network performance using Wavelets. It is capable to work in Heterogeneous Network (Het Net) and Software Define Network (SDN) Architecture. By considering any shortest path like K-Means algorithm, the neighboring-content cache awareness reduces the latency time to fulfill the request from destination.

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