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Wavelets for computer graphics - theory and applications

  title={Wavelets for computer graphics - theory and applications},
  author={E. J. Stollnitz and T. DeRose and D. Salesin},
  booktitle={The Morgan Kaufmann series in computer graphics and geometric modeling},
1 Introduction 2 HAAR: The Simplest Wavelet Basis 3 Image Compression 4 Image Editing 5 Image Querying 6 Subdivision Curves 7 The Theory of Multiresolution Analysis 8 Multiresolution Curves 9 Multiresolution Tiling 10 Surface Wavelets 11 Surface Applications 12 Variational Modeling 13 Global Illumination 

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Wavelets for computer graphics: a primer. 2
Presents the mathematical theory of multiresolution analysis, develops bounded-interval spline wavelets and describes their use in multiresolution curve and surface editing.<<ETX>>
Wavelets for Computer Graphics: A Primer Part 2
The Haar wavelets we discussed in Part 1 are just one of many bases that can be used to treat functions in a hierarchical fashion. In this section, we develop a mathematical framework known asExpand
Multiresolution applications in computer graphics: curves, images, and video
Multiresolution Applications in Computer Graphics: Curves, Images, and Video
Wavelets on Planar
We present a new technique for progressive C-continuous approximation and compression of polygonal objects in images. Our technique uses local parametrizations de ned by meshes of convex polygons inExpand
Wavelet-based multiresolution analysis of surface meshes
This paper presents general description of construction and using wavelets in multiresolution analysis of triangular surface meshes of 3D objects. Introduced wavelets are built from subdivisionExpand
Wavelets for computer graphics: a primer.1
People working in computer graphics with some intuition for what wavelets are are provided, as well as to present the mathematical foundations necessary for studying and using them. Expand
Wavelet analysis for progressive meshes
This work develops finite analysis filters separating detail coefficients from the geometry representation, based on local least-squares fitting of the control mesh, which has linear time complexity and facilitates compression, progressive transmission, and multiresolution editing of meshes. Expand
An adaptive LOD control method for textured digital terrain model using wavelet-based multiresolution representation
  • H. Date, S. Kanai, T. Kishinami
  • Computer Science
  • IGARSS 2001. Scanning the Present and Resolving the Future. Proceedings. IEEE 2001 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (Cat. No.01CH37217)
  • 2001
In this paper, we propose an adaptive level-of-detail (LOD) control method using a wavelet-based multiresolution representation for triangulated mesh and digital image for the purpose of efficientExpand
Image Statistics and their Applications in Computer Graphics
The state of the art in image statistics is reviewed and existing and potential applications within computer graphics and related areas are discussed. Expand
Modeling with multiresolution subdivision surfaces
  • D. Zorin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIGGRAPH Courses
  • 2006
This chapter surveys a variety of subdivision-based modeling methods including multiresolution deformations, boolean operations, cut-and-paste editing of surfaces, defining free-form sharp features and adding topologically complex detail. Expand