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Wavelets, Curvelets and Multiresolution Analysis Techniques Applied to Implosion Symmetry Characterization of ICF Targets

  title={Wavelets, Curvelets and Multiresolution Analysis Techniques Applied to Implosion Symmetry Characterization of ICF Targets},
  author={B. Afeyan and Kirk Won and J-L. Starck and M. E. Cuneo},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
We introduce wavelets, curvelets and multiresolution analysis techniques to assess the symmetry of X ray driven imploding shells in ICF targets. After denoising X ray backlighting produced images, we determine the Shell Thickness Averaged Radius (STAR) of maximum density, r*(N, {\theta}), where N is the percentage of the shell thickness over which to average. The non-uniformities of r*(N, {\theta}) are quantified by a Legendre polynomial decomposition in angle, {\theta}. Undecimated wavelet… 

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