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WaveletComp 1.1: A guided tour through the R package

  title={WaveletComp 1.1: A guided tour through the R package},
  author={Angi R{\"o}sch and Harald Schmidbauer},
WaveletComp is an R package for continuous wavelet-based analysis of univariate and bivariate time series. Wavelet functions are implemented in WaveletComp such that a wide range of intermediate and final results are easily accessible. The null hypothesis that there is no (joint) periodicity in the series is tested via p-values obtained from simulation, where the model to be simulated can be chosen from a wide variety of options. The reconstruction, and thus filtering, of a given series from… 
Wavelet analyses of neural networks based river discharge decomposition
The problem of discharge forecasting using precipitation as input is still very active in Hydrology, and has a plethora of approaches to its solution. But, when the objective is to simulate discharge
Local decadal prediction according to statistical/dynamical approaches
Decadal predictions at horizons between 20 and 30 years are adequate for temperature and precipitation if a teleconnection‐based approach is used, while temperature is better predicted from a 5‐year horizon using drift‐corrected dynamical outputs.
Shift Detection in Hydrological Regimes and Pluriannual Low-Frequency Streamflow Forecasting Using the Hidden Markov Model
Improved water resource management relies on accurate analyses of the past dynamics of hydrological variables. The presence of low-frequency structures in hydrologic time series is an important
Analysis of the High-Frequency Content in Human QRS Complexes by the Continuous Wavelet Transform: An Automatized Analysis for the Prediction of Sudden Cardiac Death
The high-frequency content of the QRS complexes was distinct between patients at risk of SCD and healthy controls and the wavelet transform is an efficient tool for spectral analysis of theQRS complexes that may contribute to stratification of risk.
Investigation of transport properties and characteristics of a large karst aquifer system in southern China using correlation, spectral, and wavelet analyses
Karst aquifers are highly heterogeneous, and non-stationary systems in terms of hydrodynamic properties. The investigation of the different transport properties and characteristics of a karst aquifer
Wavelets and multilevel analysis to determine spatial dependencies of seasonal influenza, weather and pollution association across Chile 2010-2016
A north to south pattern of influenza epidemic was found, especially in the central zone of the country where most of the population lives, and influenza cases were negatively associated with maximum temperature, minimum temperature and had a positive association with the concentration of particulate matter <2.5 μm.
The Pacific decadal oscillation modulates the relation of ENSO with the rainfall variability in coast of Ecuador
Worldwide and likewise in Ecuador, the 1982–1983 and 1997–1998 El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events had devastating effects in the economic and human dimension. Thus, scientists and decision
Exploring the role of hydrological pathways in modulating multi-annual climate teleconnection periodicities from UK rainfall to streamflow
Abstract. An understanding of multi-annual behaviour in streamflow allows for better estimation of the risks associated with hydrological extremes. This can enable improved preparedness for
Uncertainties and risks in reservoir operations under changing hydroclimatic conditions
Uncertainties and risks associated with hydroclimatic variations pose a challenge to the management and planning of water resources systems. This study demonstrates the importance of understanding
The importance of non-stationary multiannual periodicities in the NAO index for forecasting water resource extremes
Abstract. Drought forecasting and early warning systems for water resource extremes are increasingly important tools in water resource management, particularly in Europe where increased population


A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis.
A practical step-by-step guide to wavelet analysis is given, with examples taken from time series of the El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The guide includes a comparison to the windowed Fourier
The continuous wavelet transform : a primer
Wavelet analysis is becoming more popular in the Economics discipline. Until recently, most works have made use of tools associated with the Discrete Wavelet Transform. However, after 2005, there has
Wavelet analysis of ecological time series
The basic properties of the wavelet approach for time-series analysis from an ecological perspective are reviewed, notably free from the assumption of stationarity that makes most methods unsuitable for many ecological time series.
Rectification of the Bias in the Wavelet Power Spectrum
This paper addresses a bias problem in the estimate of wavelet power spectra for atmospheric and oceanic datasets. For a time series comprised of sine waves with the same amplitude at different
Cross-Wavelet Bias Corrected by Normalizing Scales
AbstractThe cross-wavelet transform (XWT) is a powerful tool for testing the proposed connections between two time series. Because of XWT’s skeletal structure, which is based on the wavelet
Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
Just as the frequency-domain methods decomposes the variance of a time series into frequency components, so do wavelets decompose the variance according to scaling, and fast transform methods exist for wavelets as well as for Fourier transforms.
Practical Time-Frequency Analysis, Gabor and Wavelet Transforms With an Implementation in S
Overall, Janacek has done a good job, and in most cases, the intuitive hands-on approach without mathematical proofs increases the book’s readability.
Wave propagation and sampling theory—Part I: Complex signal and scattering in multilayered media
From experimental studies in digital processing of seismic reflection data, geophysicists know that a seismic signal does vary in amplitude, shape, frequency and phase, versus propagation time To