Wavelet video coding with ladder structures and entropy-constrained quantization


A subband decomposition using wavelet filters has become an effective basis for image compression. The use of a ladder structure for the subband filtering provides a fast implementation and allows the system to be useful at video rates. A system is proposed that provides good quality video for moderate motion, roughly common intermediate format-f 0-t(C1F-) sized images at bit rates under 500 kb/s, and for teleconferencing scenes at bit rates from 180 kbh to below 128 kb/s (basic rate ISDN). The system uses subband coding, a modified version of H.261, and entropy-constrained quantization to achieve the desired bit rate and image quality.

DOI: 10.1109/76.538930

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@article{Dyck1996WaveletVC, title={Wavelet video coding with ladder structures and entropy-constrained quantization}, author={Robert E. Van Dyck and Thomas G. Marshall and Melissa Chin and Nader Moayeri}, journal={IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn.}, year={1996}, volume={6}, pages={483-495} }