Wavelet analysis for neonatal electroencephalographic seizures.

  title={Wavelet analysis for neonatal electroencephalographic seizures.},
  author={Masaomi Kitayama and Hiroshi Otsubo and S Parvez and Abhay Lodha and Ethel Ying and Boriana Parvez and Ryouhei Ishii and Yuko Mizuno-Matsumoto and Reza Aghaizadeh Zoroofi and O. C. Snead},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={29 4},
Electroencepholographs (EEGs) of neonatal seizures differ from those of children and adults. This study evaluated whether wavelet transform analysis, a nonstationary frequency analysis of EEG, can recognize and characterize neonatal seizures. Twenty-second segments were analyzed from 69 EEG seizures in 15 neonatal patients whose seizures lasted 10 seconds or longer. The wavelet transform results were examined, as were EEG seizure durations and dominant frequencies. The wavelet transform results… CONTINUE READING

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