Wavelet analysis as a p-adic spectral analysis

  title={Wavelet analysis as a p-adic spectral analysis},
  author={Sergei Kozyrev},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • S. Kozyrev
  • Published 9 December 2000
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
New orthonormal basis of eigenfunctions for the Vladimirov operator of p–adic fractional derivation is constructed. The map of p–adic numbers onto real numbers (p–adic change of variable) is considered. p–Adic change of variable maps the Haar measure on p–adic numbers onto the Lebesgue measure on the positive semiline. p–Adic change of variable (for p = 2) provides an equivalence between the constructed basis of eigenfunctions of the Vladimirov operator and the wavelet basis in L 2 (R… Expand
p-Adic wavelets and their applications
The theory of p-adic wavelets is presented. One-dimensional and multidimensional wavelet bases and their relation to the spectral theory of pseudodifferential operators are discussed. For the firstExpand
An infinite family of p-adic non-Haar wavelet bases and pseudo-differential operators
AbstractIn this paper an infinite family of new compactly supported non-Haar p-adic wavelet bases in $$ \mathcal{L}^2 (\mathbb{Q}_p^n ) $$ is constructed. We also study the connections betweenExpand
Multidimensional p-adic wavelets for the deformed metric
The approach to p-adic wavelet theory from the point of view of representation theory is discussed. p-Adic wavelet frames can be constructed as orbits of some p-adic groups of transformations. TheseExpand
Ju l 2 01 8 Enhanced Symmetry of the p-adic Wavelets
Wavelet analysis has been extended to the p-adic line Qp. The p-adic wavelets are complex valued functions with compact support. As in the case of real wavelets, the construction of the basisExpand
An Enhanced Symmetry for the $p$-adic Wavelets
Wavelet analysis has been extended to the $p$-adic line $\mathbb{Q}_p$. The $p$-adic wavelets are complex valued functions with compact support. As in the case of real wavelets, the construction ofExpand
p-Adic Multiresolution Analysis and Wavelet Frames
We study p-adic multiresolution analyses (MRAs). A complete characterization of test functions generating an MRA (scaling functions) is given. We prove that only 1-periodic test functions may beExpand
Multidimensional basis of p-adic wavelets and representation theory
A multidimensional basis of p-adic wavelets is constructed. The relation of the constructed basis to a system of coherent states i.e., orbit of action) for some p-adic group of linear transformationsExpand
$p$-Adic multidimensional wavelets and their application to $p$-adic pseudo-differential operators
In this paper we study some problems related with the theory of multidimensional p-adic wavelets in connection with the theory of mul- tidimensional p-adic pseudo-differential operators (in theExpand
Harmonic Analysis in the p-Adic Lizorkin Spaces: Fractional Operators, Pseudo-Differential Equations, p-Adic Wavelets, Tauberian Theorems
In this article the p-adic Lizorkin spaces of test functions and distributions are introduced. Multi-dimensional Vladimirov’s and Taibleson’s fractional operators, and a class of p-adicExpand
p-Adic Haar Multiresolution Analysis and Pseudo-Differential Operators
The notion of p-adic multiresolution analysis (MRA) is introduced. We discuss a “natural” refinement equation whose solution (a refinable function) is the characteristic function of the unit disc.Expand


The wavelet transform, time-frequency localization and signal analysis
  • I. Daubechies
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1990
Two different procedures for effecting a frequency analysis of a time-dependent signal locally in time are studied and the notion of time-frequency localization is made precise, within this framework, by two localization theorems. Expand
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Introduction. I. First Steps to Non-Archimedean Fields. II. The Gauss, Lebesgue and Feynman Distributions over Non-Archimedean Fields. III. The Gauss and Feynman Distributions on Infinite-DimensionalExpand
A new approach to the wave function of the universe is suggested. The key idea is to take into account fluctuating number fields and present the wave function in the form of a Euler product. For thisExpand
Generalized functions over the field of p-adic numbers
CONTENTSIntroduction § 1. p-adic numbers § 2. Characters of the field Qp § 3. Invariant measure on the field Qp § 4. Test functions and generalized functions § 5. Homogeneous generalized functions §Expand
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An extension of the formalism of quantum mechanics to the case where the canonical variables are valued in a field ofp-adic numbers is considered. In particular the free particle and the harmonicExpand
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Methods of p-adic analysis are applied to the investigation of spontaneous symmetry breaking in the models of spin glasses. A p-adic expression for the Parisi replica matrix is given and, moreover,Expand
Non-archimedean strings
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Orthonormal bases of compactly supported wavelets
We construct orthonormal bases of compactly supported wavelets, with arbitrarily high regularity. The order of regularity increases linearly with the support width. We start by reviewing the conceptExpand