Wavelet Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Control System Design for MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

  title={Wavelet Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Control System Design for MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems},
  author={Jing Zhao and Chih-Min Lin and Fei Chao},
  journal={Frontiers in Neuroscience},
This paper aims to present a novel efficient scheme in order to more effectively control the multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) uncertain nonlinear systems. A wavelet fuzzy brain emotional learning controller (WFBELC) model is proposed, which is comprises the benefit of wavelet function, fuzzy theory and brain emotional neural network. When it is used as the main tracking controller for a MIMO uncertain nonlinear systems, the performances of the system, such as the approximation ability… 

A recurrent wavelet-based brain emotional learning network controller for nonlinear systems

A novel brain emotional neural network that combines the advantages of the wavelet function, the recurrent mechanism, and the brain emotional learning system, for optimal performance on nonlinear problems under uncertain environments is proposed.

Intelligent wavelet fuzzy brain emotional controller using dual function-link network for uncertain nonlinear control systems

The proposed algorithm comprises a dual function-link network-based multilayer wavelet fuzzy brain emotional controller and a sign(.) functional compensator to achieve favorable control performance for uncertain nonlinear systems.

Model-free Adaptive Control Design for Chaotic Systems Via Type-2 Recurrent Wavelet Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Networks

Simulation results of the chaotic system presented in this paper show the superiority of the model-free adaptive sliding mode controller based on SET2RWFBELNC, sliding model theory, and the asymptotic stability of the synchronization error is realized by robust compensation, in which the strong compensation used for the compensation of the network error.

Wavelet Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Quad-Function-Link Brain Emotional Control Algorithm for the Synchronization of 3D Nonlinear Chaotic Systems

This study provides a novel quad-function-link network to adjust the lower and upper weights of a wavelet interval type-2 fuzzy brain emotional structure to increase the response and performance for

Adaptive Emotional Neuro Control for a Class of Uncertain Affine Nonlinear Systems

Simulation results show the superiority of the proposed controller in considerably lower tracking error using slightly lower control energy compared to the RBENN with nonadaptive parameters of the radial basis functions.

Data-Driven Control Based on the Interval Type-2 Intuition Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Network for the Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Rehabilitation Robot

The results show that the interval type-2 intuition fuzzy brain emotional learning network model can obtain better satisfactory control performance and be suitable to deal with the influence of the uncertainty of the rehabilitation robot.

Hybrid Neural Network Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller Design for Non-linear Dynamic Time-Varying Plants

This study proposes a hybrid method to control dynamic time-varying plants that comprises a neural network controller and a cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) and numerical-simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Quantized Sampled-Data Control for T-S Fuzzy System Using Discontinuous LKF Approach

The results of two simulation examples show that both the maximum sampling intervals, with and without the quantized state for T-S fuzzy systems, are actually superior to the existing results.



Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Control System Design for Nonlinear Systems

A comparison between the proposed FBELC with other controllers shows that the proposed controller can achieve better control performance than the other controllers.

Wavelet-TSK-Type Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Neural Network for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

A new structure is proposed where the wavelet function is used in the consequent parts of TSK-type fuzzy CMNN instead of the linear combination of the input variables in the traditional TSK fuzzy systems, which is a more effective model for the uncertain nonlinear systems.

A Functional-link-based Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Network for Breast Tumor Classification and Chaotic System Synchronization

An efficient neural network that is a generalization of several existing neural networks, such as a function link neural network, a fuzzy neural network and a brain emotional learning network is developed and applies it for both classification and control problems.

Chaos Synchronization Using Brain-Emotional-Learning-Based Fuzzy Control

  • Chun-Fei HsuChien-Ting SuTsu-Tian Lee
  • Computer Science
    2016 Joint 8th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems (SCIS) and 17th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS)
  • 2016
The simulation results show that the chaotic behavior of two nonlinear chaotic systems can be synchronized using the proposed BELFC scheme after controller parameters learning.

Wavelet Fuzzy Neural Networks for Identification and Predictive Control of Dynamic Systems

  • Chi-Huang Lu
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 2011
A wavelet fuzzy neural network structure for identifying and controlling nonlinear dynamic systems and a physical positioning mechanism that is applied in numerical simulations and experiments and confirms the effectiveness of the WFNN.

Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks for Identification and Control of Dynamic Plants—A Novel Structure and a Comparative Study

The integration of fuzzy set theory and wavelet neural networks (WNNs) is proposed to alleviate the problem of effective control of an uncertain system and results in a better performance despite its smaller parameter space.

Intelligent Control Using the Wavelet Fuzzy CMAC Backstepping Control System for Two-Axis Linear Piezoelectric Ceramic Motor Drive Systems

A novel wavelet fuzzy cerebellar model articulation controller backstepping (AWFCB) control system is designed to achieve high precision trajectory tracking control for a two-axis linear piezoelectric ceramic motor (LPCM) drive system.

An Interval-Valued Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Neural Network Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

  • Jing ZhaoChih-Min Lin
  • Computer Science
    Int. J. Fuzzy Syst.
  • 2017
The IV-FCMNN is a more general model that uses the framework of a cerebellar model neural network and Atanassov intuitionistic fuzzy sets, so that the mathematical representation of a fuzzy event is more complete and the fuzzy neural network is more general.

Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

An adaptive neural-fuzzy sliding-mode control method for uncertain nonlinear systems with actuator effectiveness faults and input saturation is proposed and extended to the uncertain faulty non linear systems with integral sliding- Mode manifold as well as other popular sliding- mode surfaces.