Wavelength shifting films on multianode PMTs with UV-extended window for the CBM RICH detector

  title={Wavelength shifting films on multianode PMTs with UV-extended window for the CBM RICH detector},
  author={J{\"o}rn Adamczewski-Musch and Klaus Becker and S. G. Belogurov and N. I. Boldyreva and Aleksandr Chernogorov and Christel Deveaux and V. Dobyrn and Manfried D{\"u}rr and Jooyoung Eom and Juergen Eschke and Carl-Christoph H{\"o}hne and K Arl-Heinz Kampert and Volker Kleipa and Leonid Kochenda and Bernd Kolb and Jill Kopfer and P. V. Kravtsov and Sergei Alekseevich Lebedev and Ekaterina V. Lebedeva and Ekaterina Leonova and Sergej Linev and Tahany Mahmoud and Jan G. Michel and N. M. Miftakhov and Y. U. Nam and William S. Niebur and Kyoung-Sub Oh and Elena Ovcharenko and Clement Pauly and J. Pouryamout and Sven Querchfeld and Jeffrey M. Rautenberg and Sebastian Reinecke and W. E. Sondheim and Evgeny Roshchin and Vladimir N. Samsonov and Junyong Song and Oksana Tarasenkova and T. Torres de Heidenreich and Michael Traxler and Cahit Ugur and E. A. Vznuzdaev and Marat Vznuzdaev and Jaehyok Yi and I-K. Yoo},
Abstract Electron identification in the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at the future Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) will be performed using a gaseous RICH detector. Due to the UV transparency of the CO 2 radiator, a high photon detection efficiency of the PMTs in use at small wavelengths is favourable. The use of wavelength shifting (WLS) films aims at increasing the integral quantum efficiency of the photon sensors. WLS films absorb UV photons and re-emit photons… CONTINUE READING

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