Wavelength scaling of terahertz generation by gas ionization.


Low-frequency currents induced by ultrashort laser-driven ionization can emit extremely broadband, single-cycle terahertz pulses. We present a model that predicts a strong wavelength dependence of the THz emission in good agreement with our experimental study. This reveals that the combined effects of plasma currents rising proportionally to the square of… (More)


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@article{Clerici2013WavelengthSO, title={Wavelength scaling of terahertz generation by gas ionization.}, author={Matteo Clerici and Marco Peccianti and Bruno E. Schmidt and Lucia Caspani and Mostafa Shalaby and Mathieu Gigu{\'e}re and Antonio Lotti and Arnaud Couairon and François L{\'e}gar{\'e} and Tsuneyuki Ozaki and Daniele Faccio and Roberto Morandotti}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2013}, volume={110 25}, pages={253901} }