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Wavelength-dependent reflectivity changes on gold at elevated electronic temperatures

  title={Wavelength-dependent reflectivity changes on gold at elevated electronic temperatures},
  author={Andreas Blumenstein and Eeuwe Sieds Zijlstra and Dmitry S. Ivanov and Sebastian T. Weber and Tobias Zier and Frederick Kleinwort and Baerbel Rethfeld and Juergen Ihlemann and Peter Simon and M. E. Garcia},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Upon the excitation by an ultrashort laser pulse the conditions in a material can drastically change, altering its optical properties and therefore the relative amount of absorbed energy, a quan- tity relevant for determining the damage threshold and for developing a detailed simulation of a structuring process. The subject of interest in this work is the d-band metal gold which has an absorption edge marking the transition of free valence electrons and an absorbing deep d-band with bound… Expand
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