Wavelength-Resolved 3-Dimensional Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

  title={Wavelength-Resolved 3-Dimensional Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging},
  author={Stephen D. Webb and Sandrine L{\'e}v{\^e}que-Fort and Daniel S. Elson and Jeffrey Siegel and Tim J Watson and M. John Lever and Murray Booth and Rimas Ju{\vs}kaitis and M. A. A. Neil and L. O. Sucharov and T. Wilson and Paul M. W. French},
  journal={Journal of Fluorescence},
We have developed a compact system for wide-field fluorescence imaging, resolved in three spatial dimensions, lifetime and wavelength, that is based on a gated optical intensifier and an all-solid-state diode pumped Cr:LiSAF oscillator-amplifier system. Exploiting spectral separation, the system has been applied to human teeth, obtaining good lifetime contrast between enamel, dentin and caries. Exploiting spectral separation combined with depth resolution, the study of fluorescent microspheres… CONTINUE READING