Waveguide Modeling of Lossy Flared Acoustic Pipes: Derivation of a Kelly-Lochbaum Structure for Real-Time Simulations

  title={Waveguide Modeling of Lossy Flared Acoustic Pipes: Derivation of a Kelly-Lochbaum Structure for Real-Time Simulations},
  author={Thomas H{\'e}lie and R{\'e}mi Mignot and D. Matignon},
  journal={2007 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics},
This paper deals with the theory and application of waveguide modeling of lossy flared acoustic pipes. The novelty lies in a refined 1D-acoustic model: the Webster-Lokshin equation. This model describes the propagation of longitudinal waves in axisymmetric acoustic pipes with a varying cross section, visco-thermal losses at the walls, and without assuming plane waves or spherical waves. Solving this model for a section of pipe leads to a quadripole made of four transfer functions which imitate… CONTINUE READING


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