Waveguide Dielectric Permittivity Measurement Technique Based on Resonant FSS Filters

  title={Waveguide Dielectric Permittivity Measurement Technique Based on Resonant FSS Filters},
  author={F. Costa and C. Amabile and A. Monorchio and E. Prati},
  journal={IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters},
A method to determine the dielectric permittivity of materials is presented. Such a method exploits the use of a low-cost frequency selective structure (FSS), transversally placed in a waveguide in the proximity of the sample under test. The presence of the additional dielectric placed close to the FSS leads to a shift of bandpass and bandstop resonance frequencies. The relationship between the frequency shift and the permittivity of the dielectric under test allows the determination of the… Expand

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